Monday, February 15, 2016

Mark the Spot

I love to read, especially when on holiday.  Usually if we are at home for the holidays, you'll find a pile of books that I plan on reading either beside the couch or on my bedside cabinet. 

But when I travel my trusted Kindle travels with me.  It has a collection of novels, biographies, self help and inspirational books; as well as a Devotional Bible.  It's so much easier than taking all these books with me, and leaves more room for filling my suitcase with much more important things such as .... new purchases from shopping!

Do you like to read? What's your favourite type of book?  And do you prefer a e-reader or a paper book?  

When reading paper books, I don't like using scraps of paper to mark the page, so I decided to make some beaded metal bookmarks to mark the spot instead.  Theres are perfect for holding the place, and gives a chance to look at something pretty at the same time. 

Beaded Bookmarks

In fact, I loved making them so much, that I've made a whole lot more!  So if you also like to look at something pretty while 'marking the spot', then head on over to our MaxieKCreations website to see all the gorgeous beaded bookmarks I've created.  I'm sure you will find something perfect for the job!

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