Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Creations ...

It's been a little bit cooler here in Auckland over the past week or so; in fact it rained most of this weekend. Which isn't really surprising since we are now truly into autumn and the warmer days of summer are disappearing. But a wet, cooler weekend, is perfect for a knitter like me! It enabled me to complete some projects that have been sitting in the 'almost ready' bin. These are creations that I've knitted but not quite completed ... until now.

For those of you heading into winter, this chunky knit cowl is perfect for warmth. The cowl can be worn in different ways, as it comes with a separate cord that can be tied on into any position. Alternatively, the cowl can be worn without the cord. Click on the photo to see the different ways as shown in my Etsy shop.

The scarf above I've created for those of you heading out of winter. It was made purely for fun and is a one of a kind creation. There are 3 parts to the scarf: 2 i-cords knitted in wool, that surround 1 fingerknitted acrylic ribbon yarn. Yes that's correct; I finger-knitted the ribbon yarn.

The 3 cords are held together by a woollen pompom at each end, and a knot strategically placed on either side of the scarf. Again, this scarf can be worn however you like ... tied together as in the photo, slung over your shoulder, or wrapped around your neck. Click on the photo to see variations in my Zibbet shop.

And in case you are wondering, these new creations are available in both my Etsy & Zibbet shops.


  1. Oh my! Those are gorgeous. You do such great work!

  2. Thank you! I get a lot of enjoyment out of trying different ideas.