Saturday, January 22, 2011

Discovered: NeatBeading

Each month I'd like to Feature a shop I've discovered on either Zibbet or Etsy.

This month's featured shop can be found on Etsy - NeatBeading. So, grab yourself a coffee and relax as you read a little about Anita and her marvelous creations.


•Please tell us a little about yourself
They say that admitting that you are an addict is the first step to recovery. So, hi, my name is Anita, and I am addicted to beading. When I’m not beading, I’m 30 years matured, which should mean I’m a grown up, but I can’t be cos I don’t feel like one, I live in Christchurch, currently the earthquake capital of New Zealand and I work as a Building Services Consultant for a bathroom supplier. I live with my partner (Tony) and two cats (Maddie and Brutus), and hopefully we will be moving to Canada later this year so that Tony can study for his PhD. I’m hoping Vancouver cos it’s so pretty. I have been beading for nearly five years now, and have only recently begun exploring selling my creations. I have shops on Etsy and Cargoh and I’m really enjoying having an online presence, even if it is a hundred times more work than I anticipated.

•What/who inspires you in your creative process?
Colour inspires me quite a lot. Never know how or when. I saw a beautifully turned out silver and burgundy Mustang a few months ago. Voila, inspiration for a colour combination. I had some pinky beads I wanted to use and didn’t really have a design that suited them, so voila, new design. Okay, not really voila, it took me three solid days of tweaking to get it right. My latest Etsy purchase has inspired me to work with black and red. Mostly, inspiration comes out of the blue and takes me by surprise, and I really like it that way.

•Do you have a favourite item to make / sell?
I’m really attached to my wide bracelets. They were my first love; wide, draping cuffs were what drove me to start making my own bracelets. Of course, they take the longest to make, so I don’t make as many as I’d like, but they’re my favourite, and if I’m wearing one of my personal bracelets, it’s usually one of my wide ones.

•What’s your favourite item currently in your shop?
Okay, so I’ve agonised over which bracelet is my favourite and it’s really hard to choose because I only make bracelets I love. If I had to pick one for myself, it would have to be Smart Squares Cobalt and Periwinkle, although Studded Diamonds comes a close second. I have a personal copy of Smart Squares and it’s so sophisticated on and it always gets me compliments.

Smart Squares Cobalt and Periwinkle

Studded Diamonds

•Tell us about hobbies you have outside of crafting
I have to admit, I have no hobbies outside of beading, although I do indulge in a little creative writing from time to time. However, I spend so much time photographing my bracelets, that I might as well call that a hobby all by itself.

•If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?
If I could travel anywhere, I would travel through what was Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, and look at all the ancient ruins with Tony as my tour guide (his field of study is Classics). If I could do absolutely anything at all, it would be time travel, because I would love to see things like the Pyramids and the Parthenon in the time they were built.

To discover more of the gorgeous items that Anita has created, you can find her at:


I know that you will love Anita's beautiful creations, so head on over to checkout her shop and leave her a message on Facebook. I know she'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Your work is lovely Anita!

    You may remember that I featured one of your beautiful bracelets in an Etsy treasury (New Zealand Calling) late last year...

    Thank you both for an enjoyable interview.