Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing .... Max

Yes, that's correct ... Max is my tortoiseshell cat, and Maxies Knitwear is named after her! Isn't she gorgeous? I love all the colours on her coat. Fortunately, Max has no interest in anything to do with knitting - not the wool, the knitting bag, completed projects - nothing. Which is pretty amazing when you read the story below.

We discovered a few weeks ago that Max can tell the difference between acrylic and pure wool. This winter has been pretty cold, and she is getting a little older (she's 12 now). Whenever Max was near one of our jumpers, she'd immediately climb onto it and make herself at home. And not just any jumper, just the lovely, soft warm, wool jumpers. At times we'd be sitting on the sofa watching a movie and find these big, cat eyes staring at us - well, actually staring at what we were wearing.

Then my husband came up with a brilliant solution to this problem ... he went to the Op Shop and found Max her very own pure wool jumper. And yes; as soon as it arrived home she fell in love with it. So our lovely warm, soft woollen jumpers have been saved, and Max has her own one to snuggle up on. Even now as I write this, she's fast asleep on it - in fact I was wanting to take a photo for you but Max is totally ignoring me and I can't get a decent shot!

She is gorgeous eh?!


  1. I love your story and Max is just gorgeous! Max reminds me of my Lisa she is 12 as well.
    Kathleen :-)

  2. Thanks :-) Lisa looks adorable, and I bet she has her funny moments as well. Hope your week is going well.